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These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—

Source: Glassdoor These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—Here’s How You Can Get Them! ~ Have you ever looked at a successful woman and thought, I want to be her or I’d kill for her job? While we can’t help you swap places or put you into your dream job, we did the next best thing: We went to seven of those successful women with super cool jobs to ask them how they think you can get to where they are right now. Here’s what they had to say. 1. Tiffany DeCruze, product manager for Priceline When you score a good deal on Priceline’s booking platform, you’ve got DeCruze to thank for it. She works with designers and developers to improve the site’s user experience, “so that customers can find great travel deals, book, and go,” she says. But although DeCruze is Priceline’s product manager now, she snagged this dream job without any real product marketing experience. Instead, she levied her experience and interests—including a love of travel—to snag the job. “I encourage women … to find a product they [love] and proactively seek to develop the skills needed to take on that role,” DeCruze says. 2. Cathy Polinsky,

6 Ways to Get Over Impostor Syndrome

Source: Glassdoor 6 Ways to Get Over Impostor Syndrome And Get the Job You Want ~ If you’re honest, you’ll admit you have had this feeling too. It’s the feeling that we just don’t stack up to our coworkers and job competitors, that we sneaked into our position on pure luck, and that we just don’t belong. It’s career impostor syndrome, and “it is a sickening, debilitating feeling like the ground was just ripped out from underneath you,” describes Dawn Rasmussen, certified resume writer and president of Pathfinder Writing Career Services. Sustained over time, career impostor syndrome is nothing to brush off. “Some people become paralyzed or crippled by this fear of not being as awesome as they led others to believe,” Rasmussen says. It can impact your performance on the clock, Rasmussen warns, and stall your job search if you’re looking for new employment. But, “the only person you are hurting is yourself and your ability to move forward,”  she points out. So here are six strategies to help you get over impostor syndrome, and gain the confidence to crush your career and get the job you want. 1. Remember: You’re not alone. As Karen Elizaga, executive coach and author

8 Inappropriate Interview Questions and How To Tackle Them Like a Pro

Source: Glassdoor 8 Inappropriate Interview Questions and How To Tackle Them Like a Pro ~ As if the interview process wasn’t anxiety-ridden enough, job seekers must stay vigilant for the occasional inappropriate question. We’re not talking about the blatant, jaw-drop-inducing questions that will make you want to run out the door. No, instead, we’re referring to the subtly awkward questions that make you furrow your brow in confusion. Sometimes, hiring managers are not HR specialists; they are simply looking for a talented person to join the team. In the quest to hire a colleague, they might ask off-putting or inappropriate interview questions. If you are the candidate what should you do? It’s tough to outright correct a hiring manager or to refuse to answer — and that’s where tact comes in. Tactfully answering any interview question is your best weapon in remaining composed, calm and focused on what’s most important: evaluating if a company is really for you. The type of questions that are asked in an interview can be revealing of the company culture. Pay close attention to what is asked, what is discussed and how the interviewer conducts him or herself. Again, an interview is not only about a candidate being considered