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These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—

Source: Glassdoor These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—Here’s How You Can Get Them! ~ Have you ever looked at a successful woman and thought, I want to be her or I’d kill for her job? While we can’t help you swap places or put you into your dream job, we did the next best thing: We went to seven of those successful women with super cool jobs to

6 Ways to Get Over Impostor Syndrome

Source: Glassdoor 6 Ways to Get Over Impostor Syndrome And Get the Job You Want ~ If you’re honest, you’ll admit you have had this feeling too. It’s the feeling that we just don’t stack up to our coworkers and job competitors, that we sneaked into our position on pure luck, and that we just don’t belong. It’s career impostor syndrome, and “it is a sickening, debilitating feeling like the ground

8 Inappropriate Interview Questions and How To Tackle Them Like a Pro

Source: Glassdoor 8 Inappropriate Interview Questions and How To Tackle Them Like a Pro ~ As if the interview process wasn’t anxiety-ridden enough, job seekers must stay vigilant for the occasional inappropriate question. We’re not talking about the blatant, jaw-drop-inducing questions that will make you want to run out the door. No, instead, we’re referring to the subtly awkward questions that make you furrow your brow in confusion. Sometimes, hiring managers are

Do Job Interviews Get Easier As Workers Get Older?

The saying goes, “Love, like wine, gets better with age,” but does the adage extend to job interviews too? For the answer, we turned to Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain. In a new study of a large sample of more than 250,000 interview reviews on Glassdoor, Dr. Chamberlain and his team looked at the factors that make job interviews difficult. In addition to multi-step evaluations making interviews harder for candidates,

3 Books You Need to Read if You Dread Your Job

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” might be the motto of people who have already landed their dream jobs. But for those of us who chose a paycheck over passion or simply took the first job we could get, sometimes it’s all we can do to show up with a smile on our face. Are you resigned to a career of dissatisfaction

How to Ace Your Next Informational Interview

People refer to unofficial meetings with prospective employers in all sorts of ways: Mock interviews, informational interviews, or, as my business school classmates and I referred to them, “coffee chats” (the coffee part was taken very literally, and I’m still attempting to reduce my caffeine tolerance now, three years after graduating). These meetings can be incredibly fruitful. They’ve helped me become a better businessperson and startup advisor. I still set

Putting Your Staffing Expertise to the Test

How Much Are Your Employees Really Costing You? When was the last time you heard a property manager say, “Wow, I’m saving so much money on these new employees!”? Let me guess: never? That’s because hiring, training and retaining employees is often the biggest financial burden on a property, taking valuable resources and time away from leasing apartments and providing great service to residents. If you have at least some

Ready For A Change?

As of July 1, 2016, Majesty Apartment Staffing has changed its name to Penn Apartment Staffing. The same great service and quality you’ve always known is still the same… but with a new name! Penn Apartment Staffing provides quality full-time and temporary staffing for the apartment industry in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas by recruiting outstanding candidates to meet all your staffing needs. We staff candidates for Property Manager,

how to write a winning resume

For many job seekers, one of the most daunting aspects of looking for a new job is working out how to write a resume that will catch the eye of a prospective employer, and ultimately help them to stand out from the crowd. A well written, … Source: randstad