Hiring New Leasing Staff? Look for Someone Who Talks to Strangers

“Do you talk to strangers?”  Asking a leasing candidate about a conversation with a stranger is a good starting point to understand how easily they can connect. The answer to this question from a prospective leasing consultant may give you some insight into their character and personality.  Interview questions for an individual that has not leased before can be challenging. Closing techniques, demonstrating an apartment, property tours and using a software application are skills that can be taught.  Skills that can be developed through training.  At the time of the interview, making the decision to hire involves anticipating if a new leasing consultant is going to be able to quickly connect with a prospect.  They must be able to create rapport, and start building a relationship. Hiring For the Wrong Reasons All too often, a manager will offer the recommendation, “I liked them, he/she seemed quiet, but once they understand the information and the industry.  I think we should hire them.  I’m sure they’ll be fine.” Sixty days later, we wonder why the individual doesn’t seem more confident.   Their closing ratio isn’t increasing.   Regardless of training and strong traffic on the phone and coming through the door. Quiet people, are for the most


Do I have to pay for your services? No, Penn Apartment Staffing services are FREE to all job seekers.   How do I get paid? Like other staffing companies, Penn Apartment Staffing pays on a weekly basis. Our work week is Monday through Sunday. Timesheets are due on Friday, but no later than Monday by 10:00AM. You may choose to pick up your check the following Friday or have direct deposit. The first paycheck will always be a live check.   Do you offer training? Yes, we do have some online training courses you may register for.   How often should I call in? We recommend calling in on a weekly basis to inform the staffing managers your availability. If you find work elsewhere, please contact a staffing manager at your earliest convenience.   How many hours do I need to complete before I can go permanent? A typical assignment will be 200 hours.   Where are your positions located? Penn Apartment Staffing services Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston like other staffing companies. We will try our best to find you a property to work at in your preferred location.   What happens if I am not happy with my assignment?

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Penn Apartment Staffing provides quality full-time and temporary staffing for the multi-family industry in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas by recruiting outstanding candidates to meet all your staffing needs. Penn Apartment Staffing strives in sustaining long-term strategic relationships by providing a personal touch. In order to find you the right employee, we take the time to understand the specific needs of the position and the long-term objectives for your company. We like to make the process of finding you the right candidate, effortlessly so you can focus on managing your property.