Congratulations To Yolanda Baltazar

It’s Official! We’re pleased and proud to announce the promotion of Yolanda Baltazar to the position of Area Manager ~ Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston. Yolanda’s commitment comes not only to her role at Penn Apartment Staffing, but to the satisfaction of each of her Multi-family clients. Each of them get the same hiqh quality of support, service and focused dedication that makes Penn Apartment Staffing the Right Choice in Multifamily staffing. Good Things Ahead! Keep On Winning Yolanda, we’re all very proud of you!

Frequent Questions from Employers

How does my real property management company partner with you? We would value the partnership and look forward to working with you.   Please email the following for additional Information: DFW –Rick Penn, , President, CEO Send mail Houston –Yolanda Balthazar, Area Manager & Operations Send mail Where is your office? We have offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Austin – Penn Apartment Staffing, 600 Chevy Chase Drive, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78752 Dallas – Penn Apartment Staffing, 10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 520, Dallas, TX 75231 Ft. Worth – Penn Apartment Staffing, 5208 Air Port FW #210-1, Ft. Worth, TX 75117 Houston – Penn Apartment Staffing, 720 N. Post Oak Road, Suite 135, Houston, TX 77024 San Antonio – Penn Apartment Staffing, 1777 NE Interstate 410, Loop Suite #600, San Antonio, Texas, 78217 What are your fees? We have a standard pricing schedule for Austin, DFW, Houston and San Antonio. Please call so we can determine the best package to fit your company needs. We are the best real property management staffing agency.   How much notice do you need? We prefer as much notice as possible so we can meet your needs and find the right candidate for

Quick Order

As an employer, our clients often experience unexpected circumstances and need a solution right away to find great people.  That’s why Penn Apartment Staffing offers Quick Order, the fastest way to get the personnel you need when you need them. Once a Quick Order is submitted, expect a Penn Staffing Pro to follow up within 30 minutes (during business hours) ready to offer a solution to find great people.  As always, Penn’s 10 Step Quality Guarantee applies.  Quick Order doesn’t mean less service, it means a faster solution to your staffing needs. Whether you need a porter or a bookkeeper, make-ready or manager, Quick Order connects you to our ready team of talented and experienced multi-family professionals, from anywhere at any time. While Quick Order is no substitute for the benefit of the familiar partnered staffing approach between Penn Apartment Staffing and client, it is no less effective at providing the right person for the right job…Quick Order is simply all about “right now.” As the largest provider of temporary services specializing in the needs of multi-family clients, Penn Apartment Staffing is the best place to find the right person for the job.  Place a Quick Order today and experience staffing excellence the

Payrolling Program

Penn’s “Payroll Program”, and great support from payroll manager, means you’ll never make the wrong hiring decision again! Call us right now and discover why multi-family companies are using Penn Apartment Staffing’s new Payroll Program to lower their hiring costs and the payroll manager will help you too… The Program is simple.  When you find a candidate you’d like to hire, send them to us.  We’ll check references, perform a criminal background check, and verify their social security number.  Then we will payroll them for you.  Once you have decided they are the right employee for your company, you can put them on your payroll. Send us the candidate you’ve selected. We’ll take care of the necessary paperwork such as completing the application, performing a criminal background check and verifying their references. Zero wait time, they can begin working for you immediately and can start on YOUR payroll when you’re ready! Best of all, there’s NO FEE and NO MINIMAL HOURS.  You can’t lose! Call 972-426-7070 or  EMAIL US  today for a free consultation.

How Much Are Your Employees Really Costing You?

When was the last time you heard a property manager say, “Wow, I’m saving so much money on these new employees!”? Let me guess: never? That’s because hiring, training and retaining employees is often the biggest financial burden on a property, taking valuable resources and time away from leasing apartments and providing great service to residents. If you have at least some business experience, this probably isn’t news to you. What you may not know, however, is what those employee costs actually are and where they come from.