Welcome To Penn Apartment Staffing


And How We're Changing staffing Forever.

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Easing The Burden

We help alleviate your financial burdens by offering solutions to streamline your access.

Finding the Right Fit

We have full-time and temporary apartment jobs for leasing consultants, assistant property.

A Great Industry to Make a Career!

For those seeking a career in the maintenance field, you can work your way up the ladder in the apartment industry!

Every New Hire Matters

And we know how much you could save by changing the way you think about hiring personnel.

Payroll Program

Call now and see why companies are using Penn Apartment Staffing’s new Payroll Program to lower their hiring costs.

The Way staffing Should Be!

The Multifamily market is always hiring! Job stability is another great reason why a Multifamily career may be a good fit for you.

What The Way staffing Should Be Means To Our Customers

To ensure the right match between Penn's temporary employees and our customers, each temporary employee's skills and experience are carefully evaluated.

Hiring Practices

Starting with the initial visit, Penn staffing coordinators evaluate the applicant’s skills, experience and interests.

Reference Verification

Penn’s coordinators carefully personal interview all employee references. All Penn temporary employees must complete I-9 right-to-work documentation as a condition of employment.

Multifamily staffing Specialists

As a Multifamily specialist since inception, the Company also provides permanent and contract professionals skilled in maintenance, operations, leasing and management roles.

Personal Interview

Penn’s coordinators evaluate each candidate’s work ethic, flexibility and ability to communicate while determining compatibility with our clients’ need.

Optional Evaluations

Depending upon customer requirements, extensive background checks, drug testing, multiple county criminal record searches, credit checks, etc., can be provided.

Staff Augmentation

With our intensive interview, screening, and training process, you can trust that we will find the right person for you and your company. Your company doesn’t just need some people, it needs the right people with the right skills.