Quick Order

As an employer, our clients often experience unexpected circumstances and need a solution right away to find great people.  That’s why Penn Apartment Staffing offers Quick Order, the fastest way to get the personnel you need when you need them.

Once a Quick Order is submitted, expect a Penn Staffing Pro to follow up within 30 minutes (during business hours) ready to offer a solution to find great people.  As always, Penn’s 10 Step Quality Guarantee applies.  Quick Order doesn’t mean less service, it means a faster solution to your staffing needs.

Whether you need a porter or a bookkeeper, make-ready or manager, Quick Order connects you to our ready team of talented and experienced multi-family professionals, from anywhere at any time.

While Quick Order is no substitute for the benefit of the familiar partnered staffing approach between Penn Apartment Staffing and client, it is no less effective at providing the right person for the right job…Quick Order is simply all about “right now.”

As the largest provider of temporary services specializing in the needs of multi-family clients, Penn Apartment Staffing is the best place to find the right person for the job.  Place a Quick Order today and experience staffing excellence the Penn Apartment Staffing way.

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