We Work With The Best, and So Will You.

  • Daryl Windland, President

    Daryl says, "YES!"

    Our company was in need of a lender to refinance or property into a non-recourse note. Due to here the property was located, traditional lenders would not work with us. We sought out multiple brokers that wasted a great deal of time with no solutions. Rick Penn approached our company and was able to introduce us to a broker, Vant Capital, who listen to our needs and acted quickly.

  • Kelsi Gage

    WOW! That was fast!

    Penn Apartment Staffing helped me find a great job in just ONE day! I applied on September 7th and was called September 9th to start an Assistant Manager opportunity, where I am now employed fulltime. We are currently using Penn Apartment Staffing to assist us in filling our other open positions.  

  • David Boudreau, CAM, Owner

    Penn Solutions found us a loan broker and we closed in just 45 days!

    Penn Solutions was able to find us a lender that fit all our criteria without any difficulty. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to secure refinancing for almost a year, he found us a loan broker that worked with all of our needs and presented to us a variety of loan offers in less than 30 days. After initiating the process with the lender we selected, we closed in 35 days! Without Rick's assistance we would still be trying to refinance our multi-family investment. We are very pleased with the service he provided. I highly recommend Penn Solutions to anyone in need of quality loan products.

  • Nancy Raley, Vice President

    Quick And Pain Free!

    Penn Solutions has been the most efficient way to collect on accounts that would normally take weeks of countless office and attorney hours. We have been able to receive payments on accounts that were on the verge of being "written off" with a process that was quick and pain free, which is so nice in this market.

  • Julie Irvin, CEO

    Rick Got Me Paid!

    Throughout the relationship, Rick has been nothing short of professional and highly effective in providing Keystone resources with alternative collection options. His demeanor and extensive knowledge of the industry make him a pleasure to work with, as well as our top choice when solutions are needed.

  • Shelly Garvin

    Thank you for all your help.

    You are the only temp agency that checks on your clients and the only one who follows up. I appreciate that!

  • Julie Murphy

    Thank you for finding someone for us so quickly.

    You guys are really good about that. Stephanie was good, and we made an offer to Marissa yesterday!

  • Taylor Clark

    So professional!

    Penn Apartment Staffing was so professional when I interviewed and they placed me in several positions including the AAGD trade show. Kelly featured me in an e-mail marketing piece and I received an assignment the following day at Alta Yorktown! I have really enjoyed working with Penn Apartment Staffing and the team here at Alta Yorktown.

  • Nicole Lott

    Fantastic Apartment Staff Ready To Work

    Penn Apartment Staffing sent an e-mail at just the right time featuring “Fantastic Apartment Staff Ready To Work”.  As I read Taylor’s bio I just knew I needed to meet him. His skillset was listed in a way that was easy to understand and trust. Kelly scheduled Taylor the following day and he has been a great fit for our community. We look forward to having Taylor as a full-time employee very soon!

  • Caitlin Gilmore
    Penn Apartment Staffing sent me the best temp I’ve ever had in my 10 years in the industry!