Why The Apartment Industry? Mobile

Why The Apartment Industry?

To those of you trying to figure out what to do with your life, or looking to make an industry change, I would like to give you some insight into choosing a career in the apartment industry.

As a young professional right out of college, I had no clue which direction to turn and I heard about the multi-housing industry. Everything was so competitive and I had absolutely no experience besides retail and fast food! Student loans were fast approaching and I needed to figure something out, and quick. I fell into this industry without knowing what to expect or where it would take me and I am so glad I did.

Starting a career on the office side of the multi-housing industry, you will most likely start as a Leasing Consultant. The great aspect of this industry is there is somewhere to take your career and you get to decide where you want to go! Some people decide to be a Leasing Manager, Property Manager or even a Regional Manager.

Or perhaps you will be like me and won’t want to work onsite forever. Luckily there is always the vendor side of the industry with a lot of opportunities as well. Although I had a college degree when I started in this business, it is not necessary. You only need a high school diploma, a strong work ethic, and a great attitude!

The multifamily market is always hiring! Job stability is another great reason for the multi-housing industry why a multifamily career may be a good fit for you. Steady job growth will continue to fuel the top apartment markets through 2017, according to the latest forecasts. Also, according to Axiometrics’ apartment data, “continued moderate national job growth, the growing preference toward renting instead of owning, the later age of first marriage and hence childbearing, and student loan debt are among the positive factors supporting the apartment market’s health.” This is great news for the apartment industry!

Finally, one of the best reasons to start your career in multifamily is its sense of comradery. I have met so many wonderful individuals who share my enthusiasm for this industry and at many times my stress and heartache. Most of us who love this industry never leave and if you do, will most likely return if it’s in your blood. Regardless of what community or management company you work for we share a passion for working in this sometimes crazy industry. Even strangers can become your extended family.

Regardless of the reason you decide to get into this business, whether it’s through a staffing agency, a friend or directly with a property, I hope that I have given you some insight into why choosing a career in multifamily might be the right fit for you. This is a great time to get into this industry and we have several opportunities. Please contact me to schedule an interview, I would love to help you get started!

Katy Polanco

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