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Congratulations To Yolanda Baltazar

It's Official! We're pleased and proud to announce the promotion of Yolanda Baltazar to the position of Area Manager ~ Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston. Yolanda's commitment comes not only to her role at Penn Apartment Staffing, but to the satisfaction of each of her Multi-family clients. Each of them get the same hiqh quality of support, service and focused dedication that makes Penn Apartment Staffing the Right Choice in Multifamily staffing. Good Things Ahead! Keep On Winning Yolanda, we're all very proud of you!

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7 Executives Share Their…

Source: Glassdoor 7 Executives Share Their Top Tips For Overcoming Self-Doubt ~ We all feel like sometimes. Self-doubt creeps in, and we convince ourselves we actually can’t crush that presentation or apply for that new dream job. But if there’s good news about this feeling, it’s that we all experience it from time to time—even the most successful among us. So we’ve asked seven people from various career fields to share their top tips for and getting the job done. Put ‘em into practice, and we promise you’ll feel in no time. 1. Imagine yourself where you want to be. “Because I’m making my living helping others sell themselves as subject matter experts and industry leaders, confidence is the name..

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The Top Interview Deal-Breakers…

Source: Glassdoor The Top Interview Deal-Breakers That Annoy Every HR Recruiter ~ An alternate title for this article could be “Ways to guarantee you’ll NOT get the job.” We consulted with Jamie Hichens, a recruiter at Glassdoor who’s seen it all when it comes to interviews. Here she shares interview “deal-breakers,” aka things that would that may tank a candidate. If an interview is in your future, this article is a must-read. “The worst one is coming unprepared,” says Hichens, matter of factly. “For example: not having researched the company, the role, the people they are interviewing with, and not having questions prepared.” What’s the #1 deal-breaker that would absolutely immediately eliminate a candidate from the running? However, according to Hichens,..

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