Maintenance Technician –– THE WAY STAFFING SHOULD BE!


Penn Apartment Staffing is currently hiring for Apartment Maintenance Technicians. You will perform maintenance tasks of great variety such as painting, HVAC installations (if certified), landscaping etc. The goal is to maintain the buildings and common areas in the best possible condition.


  • Troubleshoot and perform all necessary repairs to the apartment community, including plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, and electrical
  • Manage upkeep/maintenance needs of the property and oversee the performance of the maintenance team
  • Work closely with the property manager to ensure property compliance and oversee that projects are executed accordingly
  • Close service requests upon completion and document any maintenance updates
  • Conduct daily property walks, document, and correct deficiencies, to ensure the entire property and premises are well maintained
  • Oversee proper turnover for move-outs and manage vendors or staff providing turnover services
  • Ensure make-ready repairs are completed correctly and on schedule
  • Follow and enforce company policies and procedures
  • Keep residents and management office updated regarding status of maintenance repairs/requests
  • Maintain accurate records regarding preventative maintenance, service requests (received and completed), expenditures, apartment make-ready status, work-in-progress, etc.
  • Remove and transfer heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vise versa) as circumstances warrant. Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc., to a dumpster when necessary using safety equipment.
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials to handle the most common repairs and situations.


Diagnoses and performs on a daily basis minor and routine maintenance/repair involving the following:

  • Electrical and plumbing (including water lines)
  • A/C and heating systems
  • Appliances
  • Water irrigation systems
  • Stairs, gates, fences, patios, railings
  • Tile, carpet, flooring
  • Roofing, gutters, fasteners
  • Interior/exterior lights
  • Fireplaces, Ceiling fans
  • Gas fixtures and appliances (where applicable)
  • Shutters, doors, cabinets, windows, sliding glass doors
  • Boiler, gas, and electric
  • Door locks, P.O. boxes, and locks
  • Controlled access systems (where applicable)
  • Ceiling leaks, Walls, Pool areas, tile, jacuzzi, pool furniture



Call 512-714-3901 (Austin) o972-426-7070 (Dallas) or Ft Worth ~ 817-947-0070 or 713-682-0700 (Houston) or (830-701-0160 (San Antonio) to set up an in-person interview. You may also attend a Career Fair,Event

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