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We’re Hiring Now!

About Penn Apartment Staffing: At Penn Apartment Staffing, we are passionate about what we do and the relationships we develop with local management companies and the employees. We provide opportunities that can result in a rewarding career and lasting friendships. Our commitment to providing top talent to our clients has proven to be successful, and we are looking for people who share our passion and enjoy working in the multi-family industry. The way staffing should be! Apartment Positions-Tax Credit Penn Apartment Staffing Houston, TX77002 Posted 22 hours ago on ZipRecruiter Several Temp/Temp to Hire/Perm Placement for apartment community needing Tax Credit Manager & Tax Credit Leasing. You know that this type of work needs skilled apartment experience with Tax Credit and…READ MORE Assistant Regional Manager (Bilingual) Penn Apartment Staffing Irving, TX75060 Posted yesterday on ZipRecruiter Penn Apartment Staffing is seeking a Bilingual Regional Manager. Position will oversee a portfolio of 5 communities in the DFW area with an office based in Las Colinas.Requirements:5+ years…READ MORE Immediate Porter/Groundskeeper Opening for Apartments in North Dallas Penn Apartment Staffing Plano, TX75074 Posted yesterday on ZipRecruiter Looking to hire a porter for an apartment community in the North Dallas area. Must be able to

If You Are a Multifamily Building Investor

When purchasing a multifamily property, you must earmark separate funds and time for a due diligence project. Professionals at residential due diligence management company use a specialized multi family due diligence checklist based on their past experiences to ensure value for money for their client. The post discusses a multi family due diligence checklist, to explain the process and help potential investors understand the elements they must focus on when buying a multifamily property. Take a look. 1. Inspections to Detect Environmental Hazards Environmental hazards lying around the property can be a substantial health risk to occupants and may also invite harsh penalties and troublesome litigations. To help their clients avoid this problem, providers perform a detailed environmental inspection that includes locating and reporting asbestos containing material, lead based paints, and PCB containing materials. The provider must also go through the property’s layout plan to locate underground fuel storage tanks, waste disposal units and dump sites, inspect them and include recommendations in their final report to minimize contamination risks. 2. Inspections Centered on Inspecting the Exteriors   It is important for the provider to inspect the building’s exteriors to ensure the layout conforms with the building codes. The professional must look

7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

In today’s workplace, we’ve all got a million and one things to do. How, exactly, are you supposed to balance them all—and still clock out at fewer than, say, 60 hours a week? You’d have to seriously hone your time-management skills to do it. And to find out how, we turned to the people who we know have a lot on their plates: CEOs. Here’s what they (and other big bosses) think you can do to best manage your time.  1. Get an early start. “It’s a cliché, but you can make yourself a morning person. If you’re passionate about what you do, you can get yourself out of bed. You only need to wake up at 6 a.m. every day to find new time which can be amazingly productive, and by doing those essential morning tasks before 7a.m.—like responding to urgent, overnight emails, catching up on the latest industry news, and coordinating your calendar—you can take advantage of the rest of the world sleeping and complete those tasks without interruption.” — Jack Barmby, Founder and CEO of Gnatta 2. Keep a to-do list. “I keep to-do list of short-term and long-term goals that I’m constantly shuffling around. Having a

4 Hoops to Jump Before Getting a Job Offer

Landing a job is hard. You could be a college graduate with a perfectly crafted resume, but that is hardly enough to land a gig. Even if you nail the interview process, which is grueling, companies may still be wary of hiring you. The job market is as competitive as it has ever been. Let’s take a look at some of the extra hoops you need to jump through, and how to jump through them, on your way to a job offer. So Many Interviews Nowadays, you will have to face at least two interviews on your path to employment. If your application and resume make it out of the pile of others, you may get a phone interview, sometimes called a phone screening. This type of interview has its own etiquette to follow, and you need to do well to move on to the next round of interviews. Typically, the next round is an in-person interview with your prospective new boss, but some companies may have you go through a peer interview with multiple people all at once. 18 Interview Questions Every Recruiter Is Asking This Month Background Checks You may never do this, but many people lie on resumes

Everything You Need to Nail Your Informational Interview (and Score Your Dream Job!)

You may not have been on one (or even heard the term before), but an informational interview can be your ace in the hole during the job seeking process. At its core, an informational interview is a casual conversation between a job seeker and somebody who works at a company they’re interested in designed to help them gather intel on what it’s like working at the company and what opportunities they have available. But don’t let the name fool you — informational interviews can do much more for you than just provide you with information. If you play your cards right, an informational interview can help get your foot in the door of the company you’ve got your eye on and eventually, may even help you land a job. Interested, but don’t know where to start? Leverage this three-part strategy. I. Reach Out It’s always nice if you already know somebody who works at the company, but if you don’t, getting in touch via email or social media is perfectly acceptable. Career Coach Angela Copeland recommends keeping the following points in mind when you first reach out to inquire about an informational interview: Keep it brief and simple — make